Thomas Sowell – The Politics Of Hopelessness


Finding racism where it’s not as blatant, and inventing it where it’s not present |


Finding racism where it’s not as blatant, and inventing it where it’s not present |
by Timonthy P. Carney

Falsely crying racism for political gain is a good way to make some people believe racism doesn’t exist any more.

I said that on Twitter this morning and was treated to a barrage of inanity from liberal writers like Matt Yglesias and Oliver Willis. But the point I made is true and important. I’ll elaborate here. Continue reading →

War Heroes Tell Their Stories

The American Spectator : Enough With the Bipartisanship

U.S. President George W. Bush signs energy bill in Washington

The American Spectator : Enough With the Bipartisanship.
by Matt Purple

In 1987, on the evening of her third general election victory as leader of the Conservative Party, the late and great Margaret Thatcher gave a speech before her constituents in the district of Finchley. It was mostly boilerplate stuff—thanking the voters, praising the poll watchers. But there was also something distinctly un-American going on: the address was constantly being interrupted by hecklers. Every time jeers broke out, Thatcher would smile, durable and unflappable, until quiet was restored. Continue reading →

Obama’s Enemies of the State

by Jeff Swanson


First, let’s get this out there; all presidents have people they call enemies. It doesn’t matter which party. The party in the White House is a party pro tempore. Enemies are a fact of White House politics.

It’s what the president does with an enemy that matters. Continue reading

Leno: ‘Not Looking Good for Obama – Today His Teleprompter Took the Fifth’



Mona Charen: Obama thinks the law is irrelevant? |


Obama thinks the law is irrelevant? |
by Mona Charen

If you Google “George W. Bush shredding the constitution,” you will get many millions of hits. The New York Times railed, “Ever since 9/11, we have watched Republican lawmakers help Mr. Bush shred the Constitution in the name of fighting terrorism.”

President Bush attempted to listen in on the international calls of suspected terrorists, he used waterboarding on exactly three terrorists, and he put detainees in Guantanamo. Continue reading →