What Mitt Needs to Understand

by Jeff Swanson

Sure, we’ve all heard ad nausea about the 47% comment. Yes, the President has made some colossal gaffes in the last week that have gone virtually unnoticed (A video had created the embassy messes? Really?). Nonetheless, whining about fairness will go nowhere. Mitt was being undisciplined and this can be the death knell to a Republican.

Though many other pundits have languished much upon the complaint that Romney’s assertion was accurate, so what? What was the net end effect of the comment? Not good, that’s for sure.

Much like ‘You didn’t build that‘, words do catch fire and in Presidential politics, this kind of political fire can be a dry Santa Ana wildfire. Time does not turn backward. Whether or not the comment gets walked back or even doubled down, if it can be used as a weapon, it will.

Mitt’s 47% was just such a comment.

I could spend the remainder of this writing to complain about the media and there is much to complain about. What use is that? To win, it is about forward progress.

Here’s what I suggest to Mitt and, to be fair, I may not be the first thing he reads in the morning. Be forgiving if this doesn’t immediately affect the campaign. I suggest this:

“America wants to work. America was built by the strong hands, the gentle hands, the engineering hands, the teaching hands, the typing hands, the selling hands. America was built on the hard work of all Americans. By the simple idea that today, I can make the life for my family better than it was yesterday. Sure, this comes from entrepreneurs but it also comes from those who get up in the morning to build America one hour at a time.”

This was how America was built. We speak to entrepreneurs building America. This is true. I have been one. I’ve built, with long hours, a successful small business.

This is not all we should speak of. This not all that Mitt should speak to. While entrepreneurs are the spark of our American success, the real work is done by Americans who get paid by the hour.

This appears to be a gap in the Romney-Ryan campaign.

You may disagree. We see the words about ‘getting back to work’ but we spend much time saying it is the business owners that will do it. This is not totally true.

That’s not even the point really.

It is this: this is not what speaks to the working American. As Republicans, we know business builds commerce but people build companies. Business and employees are a partnership. This needs to be the message. Through a thriving business sector, the partnership of businesses and employees are going to make America again thrive. Mitt Romney, this must be your message.

The deaf eared-ness of his 47% remark, it disregards what is almost universally true; almost every American, given the chance, would like an opportunity. Would like the chance to be productive and contribute. Also that the freeloaders in society are few but the disaffected are many.

Mitt spoke grumbling words in an easy soundbite to a friendly crowd. It’s is still not completely true. No one person wants to be useless and everyone has a dream. It’s a matter of opportunity.

The real message is; whether you are someone who gets up in the morning to make your small business grow or you are going to work as an employee of that growing business, we all have a dream to make tomorrow better. Whether we are the employer or the employee.

Mitt needs to make this clear.

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