Etiological Myth of Obama’s Greatness

by Jeff Swanson

The Etiological Myth that is President Barack Obama wants to tell us that all the failings around him are not borne of his hand. That the world in disarray is merely a residuum of all that has come before him or the affect of those not ardent of his charm and skill.

In simple english, this means President Obama lacks personal ownership and his peeps don’t like it when you call him on it.

But the idea of the etiological myth still stands. Such a myth wants to explain greatness. A greatness bestowed from his life or his history. The seeming greatness of Obama. So much did the press, the liberal establishment and the leftward voting citizenry invest in him, to simply come clean with the fact that he has little more skill than your average professor (no racism intended) is an unbearable truth.

Much conservative ink and internet HTML has been spent lamenting the lack of insight of the liberalatti which had conferred much upon Obama’s mythic greatness, that more HTML needn’t be wasted repeating it. We know the press is liberal. We understand that even with previous Democrats, the press would sniff out a juicy story. This time it’s different and we know it.

So what’s the point?

Would you admit you were that wrong? Would you admit that the man who said he would ‘slow the rise of the oceans‘ but couldn’t slow the rise of people that had stopped even looking for work was your man? Could your psyche take it that the man you supported, and publicly if you are a reporter, is a man that simply didn’t get it. Didn’t get what a President actually does much less even bothered to do the President’s job?

The answer is ‘probably not’.

Whereas the teflon of Reagan was his personal charm and conviction, the teflon of Obama is complicity of the press. Sure, all Presidents have their own beggars and hangers on whom live by their every word but this time it’s different.

Still, I’m dragging on with the complaining.

The real point is that we should probably stop complaining about the press being in the bag for Obama. It ain’t gonna change. If the investment in Obama greatness, the halo of adoring paparazzi cannot be overcome, why are we sitting around complaining about it?

Yet, a number of great conservative commentators did just such a thing. Mr. Bozell et al correctly stated that the media is giving the election to Obama. But telling the media intellectuals that they lack objectivity, you may as well be in ninth grade, screaming at mom that she’s such a witch when she busted you for smoking (which didn’t actually happen to me).

The hard knocks of life, and I’ve had a few, taught me that complaining is a simple waste of effort. The liberally biased press will never change and particularly if we tell them to change. The liberal press will change when we start becoming them. The liberal establishment that runs the media will never let conservatism in when conservatism asks.

The media will only change when we take leadership of it. Sure, a few conservative movies come peeking out now and then. Your occasional Jake Tapper shows that a journalist can be objective. We are waiting for a change and not taking actual ownership of the change.

Remember that ownership thing I mentioned earlier; have we as conservatives owned the media and media message? Nope. But the real question is; have we actually tried? Not really.

We complain about the apparatus that supports Obama and his lack of ownership but have we done much to dismantle it? Not so much. We are not inside of the machine. We need to be.

Until that time, we should stop whining about it.

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