The Liberal Mirror

by Jeff Swanson

Let’s face it, we’re all a little sychophantic about our beliefs and those whom we choose believe in. We should admit that. I am as much guilty of faith in my party as Stephanie Cutter has with hers.

That really is fine. You gotta believe in something. Even if it’s wrong. It’s how you apply said belief that matters. Moreover, how do you view those with whom you disagree? Is it with a clear, objective eye?

Probably not. In politics, there is no such thing. There’s too much passion in politics to claim objectivity.

I’m not sure that anyone who’s read my words knew this; I am a stupid Republican. That’s correct. As with people in AA, I must admit that. It’s a step to recovery. While my proclivity for stringing words in to political thought brings me joy, it’s but a fools errand.

Some years ago, I found myself in a conversation with a liberal. Granted it happens every day. Usually not about politics.

As often I do, I tried to be coy about my thoughts lest I end up debating a liberal. I could no longer avoid saying the obvious, that I was a conservative and the biggest evil of all, a Republican. So I said it. Yes. I admitted it with spoken words.

My liberal friend chose to enlighten me of my folly, “You’re a Republican? You’re too smart to be a Republican. How much do you actually read about politics?”

In a single moment, my sense political acuity was gone.

Ok, not really. You get the point. Many conservatives have experienced the same…and for the record, the aforementioned debate turned in to an economic polemic about tax revenue. My friend did not walk away as superior as he’d started.

I digress.

It is how liberals view themselves. To be clear, not the liberal belief that liberal ideas can change society, conservatives believe this too.

It is the intellectual sense that they’ve received the great enlightenment and no further evidence need exist to support their ideology, much less empirical data. Obama’s ‘Truth Team’ doesn’t count.

It is the sense that simply the idea is right despite facts. As noted regarding Rachel Maddow and Overrated Thinkers, “Maddow is a textbook example of the intellectual limitations of a perfectly settled perspective. She knows the answers even before she has the questions. The truth about everything is completely obvious to her. She seems utterly incapable of doubt or complication.”

This from the New Republic.

I’d like to take a sidetrack for a moment (amongst my friends, we’ve come to refer to this as a ‘squirrel’). Though the sidetrack is largely the point.

Why is it that Nancy Pelosi said that she was going to ‘drain the swamp’ which was then followed by a nearly unprecedented run of Democrat corruption that exists even today within the administration?

Why is it that the President can decry Wall Street (that of the Occupiers) and yet have a cabinet and minions rife with insiders?

…and why can Occupiers claim to be the 99%, the de facto downtrodden, voice of the people and be a photo op for the glitteratti?

Pointedly, why can a liberal project on to you, to me, to us, all that is really true about themselves?

It’s a lack of a mirror.

Ever see that person whom you are sure they hadn’t looked in the mirror that morning? That, perhaps, they would have made different apparel choices had they stopped for a quick peak.

Apply that to liberalism. To be clear, not the concept of liberalism but the execution.

Looking in the ‘mirror’ to discover that the words you say and the actions you take are not altogether in alignment.

What you have is the also aforementioned Stephanie Cutter calling out Messrs. Romney and Ryan for politicizing Behghazi. While I would not agree with Ms. Cutter, perhaps if there was a sense that the Administration was approaching this with seriousness and had done all it could to have stemmed the attack, I could be convinced.

The Administration didn’t. Still, that would only make them incompetent. Which I suggest they are. But that’s not the point, it is the ‘do as I say and not as I do’ aspect of this all.

Recall that the Obama Adminstration refused to call it a terrorist attack. Claimed high and wide that it was a video. Even though, as we learned recently, per the State Department. “That was not our conclusion…”

To have believed Cutter or even VP Joe Biden, things were moving fast and the public was  being told as they found stuff out.

Except that no one but the Administration was saying it was a video. Even the Cabinet Department under the President himself (State) was not saying that.

Why? Politics. Do as I say and not as I do. The Mirror. This is ok in the liberal world.

Liberals ply the divisiveness of race then call Republicans racist. Call out Republicans for playing favorites yet will have their own cadre of peeps who get the liberal red carpet. Or will carry a sign that tells the planet that you are not free in a nation whose founding concepts provide you the freedom to carry such a sign.

Perhaps I am the dolt I’d been led to believe I am. To be naive enough to think that words and action meet in the middle somewhere.

I could. I won’t. I really wish to stay in my delusional world of self proclaimed geniusdom.

If liberal professors and Paul Krugman can do it, why can’t I?

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