Why It Matters Secretary Clinton

by Jeff Swanson


“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again Senator.” Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.

This is the kind of story told by many whose intent is to obfuscate on the err of their ways. To move the attention from what was done wrong in hopes that the conversation will skim past the glaring failure.

Thus was Secretary Clinton’s response to Wisconsins’ Senator, Ron Johnson.

Many on the left don’t understand why this whole Benghazi thing is such a big deal. To be clear, no matter the political spectrum whether liberal or conservative, thinks the deaths in Libya are anything less than tragic.

Without any awareness that the deaths were caused by the Administrations inaction, the left focused on Ms. Clinton’s ability to talk loud or her crying when speaking about seeing the bodies return.

Not on the testimony. Not on the content.

Stated one Daily Kos blogger, “I’ve lost a lot of respect for many Republican Congressmen who have been exploiting the tragic deaths of Americans in Benghazi in their attempts to score political points by grandstanding for the extremists in the GOP, and for trying to make a big deal out of an unfortunate tragedy…I’m glad Sectary Clinton has stood up to this ugly bullying.”

It’s true, Secretary Clinton did stand up for herself. Then again, I’m not sure anyone has ever accused her of being a withering vine. Though she’s a liberal, I carry a certain amount of (adversarial) respect for her for this reason. But Pee Wee Herman outshouted his opponents too.

The blogger went on to further note, “Secretary Clinton said four State Department employees were put on administrative leave while the incident is being investigated.” For the uninitiated, this is Washington-speak for a paid vacation. In DC, you’re rewarded for errors that killed Americans though I do assume the responsible persons do carry a substantial guilt.

To the liberals, this paid leave was the penalty for the error. Zip ’em up and let’s move on. Just like Clinton’s testimony, what difference does it make?

Regarding Abu Ghraib, in 2004, Senator Clinton stated, “”Well, that’s one of the questions we have to answer…That’s why we are demanding public hearings with Secretary Rumsfeld as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the information forthcoming so far has been totally insufficient. They have had a lot of contradictory answers to questions. There’s the story of General Myers calling CBS and talking to Dan Rather and asking that they not go forward with their own report about prison abuse. There’s other indications that some people knew, other people didn’t. Some people had vague ideas. They hadn’t seen the report. It doesn’t matter. I mean the bottom line is that leadership has to be responsible and held accountable and that is not just in the prison in Baghdad. That goes all the way up the chain of command.”

The bottom line is that leadership had to be responsible and information forthcoming was not sufficient. This rings of familiarity.

Given this, does the excuse use by Secretary Clinton about Benghazi hold water? Stated Michelle Malkin, “This seems to be a theme with this administration. It’s the same kind of excuse that was in vogue during Fast and Furious. (Attorney General) Eric Holder, even though ‘the buck stops with him,’ and he’s in charge of course, gave the same excuse, ‘I didn’t read what was addressed to me,”

Michelle makes a great point. To which I would add, ‘…and then blame Republicans’.

I assume the Obama Administration sat around a big wooden table one day and decided, ‘hey, ya know, if we’re ever in a jam, like if we get caught red-handed with something, tell them you’re responsible and all but be sure to blame Republicans too.’

Economy? Obama is responsible but the Republicans won’t get out of the way. Fast and Furious? Holder was responsible but Republicans are on a which hunt. Solyndra? There’s business risk in business but the Republicans are looking to score points.

That’s a digression to be sure but it’s an important distinction. The administration refuses to shoulder responsibility on anything. Again, what difference does it make? The answer lies in the excuse.

According to Jonah Goldberg, “…the nature of the lie. Remember, not all lies are equally harmful. In this case, the U.S. government responded to the murder of four Americans by treating our constitutional rights as part of the problem. A former teacher of constitutional law, Obama was happy to watch the country argue new limits on free expression and the necessity of giving bloodthirsty savages and terrorists a heckler’s veto on what Americans can do or say.”

If a criminal confesses to a crime, the penalty for the crime still must be meted out. The criminal still faces sentencing. In the case of Clinton, the Obama Administration and Benghazi, the sentence may be lost political points.

The reality is this; the liberals and Democrats are correct, the Republican aggression is political. It is the right attacking for political reasons. Hiding from that fact is quite dumb. It doesn’t make Clinton and the Administration any less wrong. Attacking the Republican motive is immaterial if the truth has yet to be vetted.

Clinton doesn’t see it this way, “Give me a break, Senator Johnson. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” Referring to the Republican hearings and investigation.

Fairy tale or not, the Administration has not been forthcoming. This is why it matters.

To date, the Administration has subverted the First Amendment, lied to the families of the fallen and represented the State Department and the Administration as unwitting victims. Perhaps the fairy tale’s story should be told.

And let’s be clear on one thing; no one ever shouts that something doesn’t matter…unless it actually does matter.

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