Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

by Jeff Swanson


The holidays are upon us and family has come to town. So much to do and so little time. The chaos of the season has not allowed for prolific writing. More to come soon.

Now go and ignore the fiscal cliff and all that jazz for a few days. Enjoy the next few days with your families and friends. We will all be back sluggin’ it out soon enough.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.


Walkin’ in My Winter Underwear

Properly stated: Valkin’ in my Vinter Undervear…A Christmas chestnut from my Minnesota Childhood…

Scrooges losing war on Christmas – Conservative News


Scrooges losing war on Christmas – Conservative News.
by Gary Bauer

What is it about Christmas that brings out all the Scrooges?

Every December we hear stories about atheists and secularists who have found novel ways to try and banish Christmas from public view. We call it “the war on Christmas.” But if secularists are fighting a war it’s a disproportionate one: The scrooges are badly outnumbered by a majority of Americans who still embrace the holiday. Continue reading →