Newt Gingrich Schools Lawrence O’Donnell On Clinton Tax Hikes

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Stop Falling on the Tax Cut Sword

by Jeff Swanson


To mix metaphors, Republicans are going to have to fall on some sword with this whole fiscal cliff jazz. All of us Conservatives would like to hold firm to not raising taxes. Reality it is, it ain’t gonna happen.

Deal with it. Give the President what he wants on a tax hike. Just give it too him. Be done with it. Continue reading

McConnell: Obama Wants to ‘Spend to his Heart’s Content’

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Rep. Rob Woodall’s blank chart on Obama’s plan to tackle spending

In defense of Grover Norquist and his right to be wrong | Fox News

Grover Norquist

In defense of Grover Norquist and his right to be wrong | Fox News.
by Lanny Davis

(Rightward Journal Note: Interesting Perspective from a long time Democrat)

I strongly disagree with Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge. But I believe his views are sincere. And I condemn those who substitute personal attacks on Norquist for factual arguments to prove him wrong.

First, I don’t get why my fellow Democrats and liberals blame Norquist for the “pledge” — rather than those who sign the pledge. Continue reading →

Operation Push Back | The Weekly Standard

Operation Push Back | The Weekly Standard.
by Fred Barnes

In their obsession with stressing the economy and jobs in the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney and Republicans ignored or downplayed an array of compelling issues. This was a foolish mistake. They failed to exploit unpopular policies of President Obama’s first term and left unanswered charges that proved harmful to Romney and other Republican candidates. Now they can make up for their blunder, partially anyway. They need an Operation Push Back. Continue reading →

The American Spectator : Paul Krugman’s Obsolescence

The American Spectator : Paul Krugman’s Obsolescence.
by Iain Murray

Last week in his New York Times column, Paul Krugman cheeredApple’s introduction of the iPhone as an example of the Keynesian theory of how depressions end — through “use, decay, and obsolescence,” which provide the stimulus economies need to recover. He went on to suggest that government can do what Apple does by increasing spending. Continue reading →