Maxine Waters: Sequester Threatens ‘170 Million Jobs’

For the record, the current economy has a total of about 134 million jobs. By Reprentitive Waters estimation, we are going to have unemployment at about -40%. Do these people actually hear the words they say?


Examiner Editorial: Obama blames GOP for his own economic failures |


Examiner Editorial: Obama blames GOP for his own economic failures |
by Examiner Editorial

“Our economy is facing a major headwind, and that is Republicans in Congress.” This was how White House spokesman Jay Carney tried Wednesday to explain away any responsibility on President Obama’s part for the 0.1 percent economic contraction that occurred in the fourth quarter of last year. In particular, he cited Republican “brinksmanship” over the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester.

From the way he spoke, you would think that Republicans control the apparatus of government in Washington. You would think that Obama hadn’t been president for four years, or that he didn’t spend months threatening to veto any rollback of the sequester cuts, or that the sequester had not originally been his administration’s idea as a solution to the budget impasse of 2011. But as he has for so long, Obama would rather blame, in Carney’s words, Republican “brinksmanship” over the sequester. Continue reading →

Sandy, Omnibus and Our Idiotic Congress

by Jeff Swanson


We heard Chris Christie bellow about the delay in Hurricane Sandy relief, “It’s why the American people hate Congress. Unlike the people in Congress, we have actual responsibilities.”

While the Governor was right, I think the moment Christie blamed the GOP House he completely missed the reason why people hate Congress:

It’s not when our Congress stops for a responsibility check that’s the problem, it’s that it had to be done at all. Our House of Representives had to hold the bill because of pork. Continue reading

Meet the Left’s Grover Norquist |


Meet the Left’s Grover Norquist |
by Sean Higgins

Robert Borosage leaned back in his chair as he spoke to me at his K Street office. He grinned as he recalled the recent “fiscal cliff” debate in Congress, and the box in which conservatives — especially anti-tax activist Grover Norquist — found themselves as it played out.

“It was actually a great delight watching Grover explain how the greatest tax increase in 20 years was a tax cut,” Borosage chuckled. “It was a magical moment in television.” He compared it to his own effort to keep entitlement reforms out of the deal. Continue reading →

Boehner’s Not The Problem

by Jeff Swanson


I didn’t want a tax hike of any sort. I’ve said before the thinking of higher taxes creating revenue is a fallacy. Though for full disclosure, it’s the spending that’s the issue and this was going to be a tough road for Republicans after the 2012 elections.

Watching the fiscal cliff negotiations was a ‘hope-against-hope’ proposition for me. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan so it has been a long life, many Superbowl’s and play off chokes to not understand what hope-against-hope feels like.

The bridesmaid thing stinks. That’s what it feels like as a Republican these days. Continue reading

Stop Falling on the Tax Cut Sword

by Jeff Swanson


To mix metaphors, Republicans are going to have to fall on some sword with this whole fiscal cliff jazz. All of us Conservatives would like to hold firm to not raising taxes. Reality it is, it ain’t gonna happen.

Deal with it. Give the President what he wants on a tax hike. Just give it too him. Be done with it. Continue reading

McConnell: Obama Wants to ‘Spend to his Heart’s Content’

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