I’m Not Voting for Mitt and Other Tommyrot

by Jeff Swanson

There is every possibility this could irritate some. At least I hope so.

Have you said to either yourself or to others that you are not voting for MItt Romney? That you won’t vote for him because he is not your ideal of a Republican candidate? If so, get over it. Continue reading

Obama the Feckless Redux

by Jeff Swanson

Not so long ago, I wrote about Obama’s fecklessness. In this, I largely detailed some historical information about how unpopular and poorly received he was as a college lecturer, his failure in Benghazi and his poor debate performance.

This is not headline maker stuff but worth discussing.

After reflecting a little about this, I realized that I left out so much. So much that makes President Barack Obama the definition of feckless.
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New Romney Ad – Secretary Of Business

Andrew Sullivan’s Tomfoolery about Obama, Race and the Confederacy

by Jeff Swanson


Andrew Sullivan is hoping for attention. That’s the best I can assume.

Who is Andrew Sullivan? He is a writer for the Daily Beast and a columnist for the (London) Sunday Times. He purports to be a Conservative but at many turns, that appears to be questionable.

What’s the deal with Sullivan?

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New GOP Ad – Big Bird, Binders & Bayonets

How Team Romney sees the polls | WashingtonExaminer.com

How Team Romney sees the polls | WashingtonExaminer.com.
by Byron York

Mitt Romney has led Barack Obama in the Gallup national tracking poll for nearly three weeks.  He has led the Rasmussen national tracking poll for about the same time.  And now that the Washington Post and ABC News are publishing their own tracking poll, he’s leading in that one, too.  It seems reasonable to conclude that, at this moment in late October, Romney is leading the presidential race. Continue reading →

Where Do Liberals Get Their News? | MRC

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