The Audacity of Nope | The Weekly Standard


The Audacity of Nope | The Weekly Standard
y William Kristol

President Obama has gone on the offensive at the beginning of his second term, and Republicans aren’t happy campers. Of course, every Republican camp is unhappy in its own way.

There are the lamenters. Shouldn’t Obama have been less partisan in his Inaugural Address? Who gave liberals the right to launch ideological offensives? Doesn’t Obama know this is a center-right country? Didn’t he learn any lessons from Bill Clinton? Beneath these rhetorical questions, of course, lurks the fear that Obama will succeed. Continue Reading →

The Liberal Mirror

by Jeff Swanson

Let’s face it, we’re all a little sychophantic about our beliefs and those whom we choose believe in. We should admit that. I am as much guilty of faith in my party as Stephanie Cutter has with hers.

That really is fine. You gotta believe in something. Even if it’s wrong. It’s how you apply said belief that matters. Moreover, how do you view those with whom you disagree? Is it with a clear, objective eye?

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