NYT Op-ed: ‘Let’s Give Up on the Constitution’ | NewsBusters.org


NYT Op-ed: ‘Let’s Give Up on the Constitution’ | NewsBusters.org.
by Todd Blumer

Well, at least we know one of the New Year’s resolutions on a certain radical professor’s list. That resolution, undermining the Constitution whenever and wherever possible to serve the “progressive” agenda, has been on the list of the paper for which this professor wrote for quite a while. Continue reading →

Unions Have Declared Open Season – So What?

by Jeff Swanson

With the re-election of President Obama, it appears that Unions have deemed it true that a collective bargaining renaissance has arrived.

We have strikes abounding. Could it be the great revival of the strong union label? Not likely. Continue reading

Republicans, Minorities and All the Demographic Hubbub

by Jeff Swanson

It’s pretty clear from the post election Conservative fits that the Republican Party is going to fail at capturing minority votes. Just downright fail. As much as I hope against hope the party will alert itself to the growing minority population, we are destined to be old white guys.

I’m not even that old. Middle aged perhaps. Continue reading

The Fallacy of Higher Taxes and Revenue

by Jeff Swanson

The fallacy of higher taxes as a means to increase tax revenue assumes that the trajectory of current economic activity will continue.


If you unpack this in the most rudimentary terms; would you continue lying to your parents even after your daddy took the leather belt to your hide. Probably not. Continue reading

Thomas Sowell Dismantles Egalitarianism

More from the great Thomas Sowell in a great old clip from 1980. He often brings relentless reason to his positions. Included in the clip is Milton Friedman.