Think Tanks

Americans for Prosperity
AFP’s Page >>
AFP focuses on the grassroots development of ideas and policy to free the market from onerous laws and grow entrepreneurship.

American Enterprise Institute
AEI’s Page >>
Liberty, individual opportunity and a stronger free enterprise are the stated purpose of AEI. Delivered by some of the foremost scholars of conservatism.

Hoover Institution
Hoover’s Page >>
As part of Stanford University, Hoover Institution is a scholarly think tank with some of the most notable conservative thinkers on the political right.

Claremont Institute
Claremont’s Page >>
Claremont’s purpose is driven by a return to Constitutional principles. Claremont collects the thoughts of prominent thinker from many of the top tanks.

Heritage Foundation
Heritage’s Page >>
Heritage is one of the most prominent public policy institutes with the express purpose of promoting conservative public policies.

Heartland Institute
Heartland’s Page >>
As stated by Heartland: Its mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.

Young America’s Foundation
YAF’s Page >>
Promoting conservatism in the younger generation is key to YAF’s mission. YAF provides a variety of venues to promote Conservatism to up and coming conservatives.

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