Confusion or Coverup? | The Weekly Standard

Confusion or Coverup? | The Weekly Standard.
by Thomas Joscelyn

On September 11, 2012, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was assaulted by dozens of terrorists. U.S. ambassador John Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed. The attack followed an al Qaeda-inspired protest in front of the U.S. embassy in Cairo that same day. And in the days that followed, other U.S. embassies were stormed. Continue Reading →

Obama’s Foreign-Policy Follies – Jonah Goldberg – National Review Online

Obama’s Foreign-Policy Follies – Jonah Goldberg – National Review Online.
by Jonah Goldberg

We’re now entering the fourth week of the “CSI: Benghazi” hostage crisis. That’s how long an FBI forensic team has been trying to gain access in Libya to what the State Department still calls a crime scene — the Obama administration’s preferred term for the location of the first assassination of a U.S. ambassador since 1979 and the first successful al-Qaeda-backed attack on U.S. soil since the 9/11 strikes. (Our embassies and consulates are sovereign U.S. territory.) Continue reading →

Libya: Krauthammer Scolds Liberal Pals ‘I Can’t Believe You’re Covering for the Admin’

Obama Weak Kneed and the Evil Romney

by Jeff Swanson

Google the search string: White House Response to Embassy Attacks. Do it. Don’t be afraid. Did you find the White House response to the Embassy attacks?

I didn’t think so. Continue reading

Disgrace in Benghazi – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

Disgrace in Benghazi – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.
by Mark Steyn

So, on a highly symbolic date, mobs storm American diplomatic facilities and drag the corpse of a U.S. ambassador through the streets. Then the president flies to Vegas for a fundraiser. No, no, a novelist would say; that’s too pat, too neat in its symbolic contrast. Make it Cleveland, or Des Moines. Continue reading →

Carney’s Baloney on Embassy Attacks

Escaping logic, how can it be claimed that this was not an attack on the United States? Does anyone buy the meme that groups that are radical in the Middle East think the U.S. is not the fluffy bunny of world politics with Obama in charge?  > Not likely.