Boehner’s Not The Problem

by Jeff Swanson


I didn’t want a tax hike of any sort. I’ve said before the thinking of higher taxes creating revenue is a fallacy. Though for full disclosure, it’s the spending that’s the issue and this was going to be a tough road for Republicans after the 2012 elections.

Watching the fiscal cliff negotiations was a ‘hope-against-hope’ proposition for me. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan so it has been a long life, many Superbowl’s and play off chokes to not understand what hope-against-hope feels like.

The bridesmaid thing stinks. That’s what it feels like as a Republican these days. Continue reading

Stop Falling on the Tax Cut Sword

by Jeff Swanson


To mix metaphors, Republicans are going to have to fall on some sword with this whole fiscal cliff jazz. All of us Conservatives would like to hold firm to not raising taxes. Reality it is, it ain’t gonna happen.

Deal with it. Give the President what he wants on a tax hike. Just give it too him. Be done with it. Continue reading