Conservative Self Immolation and the Battle Mentality

by Jeff Swanson


If, upon entering the war, you expect to win the first battle, failure is assured in your shortsightedness. War is won on the shoulders of both the battles that succeeded but more over, on the battles that were lost. Without the lost battles, you may have missed your opponents key weakness and the opportunity to understand your own.

This is a key understanding missed in today’s politics and clearly, within the Republican party and Conservative movement. Continue reading

Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run – Katrina Trinko – National Review Online


Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run – Katrina Trinko – National Review Online.
by Katrina Trinko

This Christmas, Kentucky Republicans should ask Santa for an Ashley Judd Senate bid in 2014.

The actress — who conspicuously has not ruled out a run, and who issued a statement last month saying she was “very honored” by the consideration — is attracting plenty of buzz as a potential Democratic candidate in the Bluegrass state. Continue reading →

Overcoming…Well? Nothing, I Guess?

by Jeff Swanson

According to CNN’s John King, “To win in November, Mitt Romney must emerge from his first debate with President Barack Obama as the leader on this campaign’s defining question: Which candidate do voters trust more to handle the economy?”

Not really. Continue reading

A Democratic Dictionary | The Weekly Standard

A Democratic Dictionary | The Weekly Standard.
by Jeff Bergner

There is an old saw that if you torture statistics enough, they will tell you whatever you want to hear.  Words are like this, too. In the interest of clarity during the current campaign season, here is a brief lexicon of how Democratic officials use words: Continue Reading →

Debating a Liberal – Don’t

by Jeff Swanson

I knew someone who characterized himself as ‘to the left of Che Guevara‘. Quite a statement. He was very left and did not apologize for it. He blamed his Catholic School upbringing, though I thought that lacked personal responsibility. He was also one of the most thoughtful debaters I’ve spoke to about politics. He wanted to know what I thought and why I thought it.

This was not a fantasy. Sadly, this man is what’s called an anomoly.

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The American Spectator : It’s God’s Fault

The American Spectator : It’s God’s Fault.
by Jeffrey Lord

Why Democrats hate the American middle class.

It’s God’s fault.

God and plastics. And don’t forget the American flag.

Which is another way of explaining just why it is today’s Democrats — the very embodiment of the American Left — literally hate the American middle class. Continue reading →