Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run – Katrina Trinko – National Review Online


Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run – Katrina Trinko – National Review Online.
by Katrina Trinko

This Christmas, Kentucky Republicans should ask Santa for an Ashley Judd Senate bid in 2014.

The actress — who conspicuously has not ruled out a run, and who issued a statement last month saying she was “very honored” by the consideration — is attracting plenty of buzz as a potential Democratic candidate in the Bluegrass state. Continue reading →

It’s the Message Stupid

by Jeff Swanson

Try this completely non-scientific experiment. Answer this simple question:

What does the GOP actually stand for?

Have an overflow of answers? A nice list of solid conservative principles? Your psyche brimming with a litany of reasons why it’s awesome being a Conservative Republican? Continue reading

We are C-SPAN in a Snooki World

by Jeff Swanson

For those, perhaps astutely, living under a rock; Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi was a star on the MTV semi-juggernaut, The Jersey Shore. A reality TV show about aimless young adults wasting time on the Jersey shore, trying to do as little with their lives as possible. This passes for interesting.

In contrast, we have C-SPAN. By week, a means by which we can watch politicians drone on while in session but by weekend, the great BookTV. Continue reading

The Election and Single Young Women | MRC

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Losing Can Be Liberating | The Weekly Standard

Losing Can Be Liberating | The Weekly Standard.
by William Kristol

After his defeat in Britain’s 1945 general election, Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine consoled him: “It may well be a blessing in disguise.” Churchill replied, “At the moment it seems quite effectively disguised.”

As do any blessings to be found in last Tuesday’s election result. Continue reading →

I’m Not Voting for Mitt and Other Tommyrot

by Jeff Swanson

There is every possibility this could irritate some. At least I hope so.

Have you said to either yourself or to others that you are not voting for MItt Romney? That you won’t vote for him because he is not your ideal of a Republican candidate? If so, get over it. Continue reading

New Romney Ad – Secretary Of Business