Nugent to Morgan: Poster Boy to Stand Up for Things That Make No Sense

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Gingrich to Morgan: Isn’t Your Real View That You Would Ban Pistols?

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Unintended Consequences of a Victim Society

by Jeff Swanson


Current day America is no longer a nation of self reliance but a nation of victims. No matter your background, there is a smorgasbord of ills from which to choose. If you seek pity or martyrdom, there’s a disorder for you. Real or imagined.

We’ve done little more than revert to our inner child in hopes of no longer being responsible for our very own existence. What we haven’t much done; consider the societal consequences of victimhood.

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Bozell, Hannity Address CBS’s Schieffer, MSNBC’s Bashir Comparing NRA to Nazis

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Second Amendment Isn’t the Answer

by Jeff Swanson


The Second Amendment to the Constitution is not the answer. It’s not the answer to the debate we are having about guns and gun control. Conservatives should no longer spend time invoking it.

I’m not really joking.

I think it might be important to note that I am a full supporter of the Second Amendment. Lest you wish mental daggers besiege me, ultimately the best support for reasonably unfettered support of gun ownership is the guaranty the Amendment provides. It will continue to provide that blanket of protection.

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Rob Lowe: ‘Last Thing’ People ‘Want Is Another Hollywood Actor Telling Them Anything About Guns’

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The American Spectator : The Unserious Gun Control Debate


The American Spectator : The Unserious Gun Control Debate
y Jed Babbin

Vice President Biden’s gun violence task force is reportedly going to give its recommendations to President Obama tomorrow, kicking off the next stage of the gun control debate. President Obama — aided eagerly by his media cohort — will try to convince people that this is an immediate crisis with his characteristic insistence that “we can’t wait” for Congress to pass a new “assault weapons” ban. Continue reading →