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The American Spectator : Obama’s AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector

The American Spectator : Obama’s AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector.
by David Catron

President Obama spoke via satellite to the AARP “Life@50+” convention last Friday morning and I was foolish enough to turn on my patented BS Detector during the event. Unlike the “fact checkers” employed by the MSM, its special BUNK software was written such that it could recognize White House talking points and separate such input from actual facts. It turns out, however, to have had a fatal design flaw. Although I had successfully tested it on several pathological liars, and even a couple of lawyers, it simply didn’t have the capacity to process the volume of BS contained in a typical Obama speech. The machine was a smoking hulk by the time the President finished answering the final question from the AARP audience. Continue Reading →