Democrat Denial on the Downslide

by Jeff Swanson

I was talking to a liberal the other day. He and I have a funny rapport. Once, years ago, we had quite the political clash. I try not to be so vocal in settings where politics should be left at the door. A workplace, for instance.

Sometimes, you have no choice. The rhetoric goes too far and the the facts need to be heard. Continue reading

Princeton Econ. Prof. Rosen: 3% Higher GDP Possible With Romney

Distraction: Biden smiles

From CNN of all places comes a smiling Joe video. Yes, CNN. The best part is the Paul Ryan look in the middle of the video.

Ryan Gets Ready – National Review Online

Ryan Gets Ready – Robert Costa – National Review Online.
by Robert Costa

Paul Ryan may be the first vice-presidential nominee who once prepped a veep nominee. Continue reading →