Obama’s Big, Sloppy, Wet Media Kiss

by Jeff Swanson


Let me dredge up a little something from the not-so-distant past; remember Candy Crowley? I know, I know…water under the bridge. Correcting Mitt and all during the debate. It takes a lot to get an inherently unlikable guy elected. Candy was just doing her part to help Obama get elected.

Newsweek, the formerly venerable publication, has provided us with cover stories such as; Why are Obama’s Critics So Dumb, The Obama Conquest (subtitled ‘Lucky General or Master of the Game’), The God of All Things and the recent humdinger, The Second Coming. Throw in a couple of halo’d pictures and you have hero worship. Continue reading

Conservatives’ Terrifying Message – By David French – The Corner – National Review Online

Conservatives’ Terrifying Message – By David French – The Corner – National Review Online.
by David French

If you had told me the day before the election that Mitt Romney would win independents by five, convincingly win among all voters making more than $50,000 per year, and that evangelicals would vote for Mitt by wider margins than they did for even George W. Bush, I would have assumed he’d be on the path to victory. He wasn’t.  As the messaging and tactical second-guessing begins (and it began even before Fox made its Ohio call Tuesday night), we have to be clear-eyed about our challenge:  To tens of millions of American voters, a conservative message of self-reliance and individual economic freedom is, quite frankly, terrifying. Continue reading →

New Romney Ad – Secretary Of Business

How Team Romney sees the polls | WashingtonExaminer.com

How Team Romney sees the polls | WashingtonExaminer.com.
by Byron York

Mitt Romney has led Barack Obama in the Gallup national tracking poll for nearly three weeks.  He has led the Rasmussen national tracking poll for about the same time.  And now that the Washington Post and ABC News are publishing their own tracking poll, he’s leading in that one, too.  It seems reasonable to conclude that, at this moment in late October, Romney is leading the presidential race. Continue reading →

Will ‘closing statements’ on the campaign trail matter? | Fox News

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Whose Vote Counts Most? | The Weekly Standard

Whose Vote Counts Most? | The Weekly Standard.
by Joseph Bottum

The good thing about the Electoral College — our strangely still-surviving 18th-century experiment in federalism — is that it’s clear, coherent, and -commonsensical. If you live in Ohio, say, a state that’s closely contested in the presidential race this year, you know down in your bones that your ballot is important. More important, certainly, than the ballots coming out of Illinois, where President Obama remains so messianic that even the dead will rise up to vote for him, if necessary. Continue reading →

Democrat Denial on the Downslide

by Jeff Swanson

I was talking to a liberal the other day. He and I have a funny rapport. Once, years ago, we had quite the political clash. I try not to be so vocal in settings where politics should be left at the door. A workplace, for instance.

Sometimes, you have no choice. The rhetoric goes too far and the the facts need to be heard. Continue reading