Second Amendment Isn’t the Answer

by Jeff Swanson


The Second Amendment to the Constitution is not the answer. It’s not the answer to the debate we are having about guns and gun control. Conservatives should no longer spend time invoking it.

I’m not really joking.

I think it might be important to note that I am a full supporter of the Second Amendment. Lest you wish mental daggers besiege me, ultimately the best support for reasonably unfettered support of gun ownership is the guaranty the Amendment provides. It will continue to provide that blanket of protection.

But it’s not a great argument. Continue reading

The Frightening Reality of Humanity

by Jeff Swanson


It’s easy to declare the massacre in Newton Connecticut as an act of pure evil. It’s easy to lay blame on the weapon. It’s easy to react in emotional absolutes to such an awful tragedy.

The brass tacks answer, if there is one, is found in the complexities and the frailties of the human condition. It’s easy to make simple and absolute declarations but I’m not sure this is being honest. Continue reading