Unintended Consequences of a Victim Society

by Jeff Swanson


Current day America is no longer a nation of self reliance but a nation of victims. No matter your background, there is a smorgasbord of ills from which to choose. If you seek pity or martyrdom, there’s a disorder for you. Real or imagined.

We’ve done little more than revert to our inner child in hopes of no longer being responsible for our very own existence. What we haven’t much done; consider the societal consequences of victimhood.

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Clint The Hot Dog Guy : Union Mob Racist Attack In Lansing

Liberal supported unions destroy a tent and a business in the form of Clint Tarver’s Hot Dog cart. During which, assailing him with racial slurs. None helped him after the melee. Conservatives helped raise more than enough money to get Mr. Tarver back up and running. Food for thought.

Unions – Right to Violence

by Jeff Swanson


It’s rare that I see a display of total and utter idiocy as the reaction to the Michigan Right-to-Work vote as ginned up by the unions. To be uncharacteristically blunt, it’s also no excuse to be a dumb ass.

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